new pottery on etsy

I'm working on an update for etsy later this afternoon- these cannisters are going up. They are larger versions of my bamboo tumblers, one is sugar bowl sized, the other is perhaps sugar cannister sized. I still need to get the exact dimensions and volume for them. My son's godfather, a friend dear to Gary and me since before Gary and I were even a couple, asked me last year if I would work on a cannister set for him. Fitz is quite a baker- he makes excellent pizza crust and wonderful bread. He needed cannisters for different specialty flours and grains. These were my first attempt at his fulfilling his request. I'm not sure how well these would work for flour because they are not airtight, but I was pleased with their design.

more bamboo

Here are two of my old bamboo pieces that see frequent use in my house. I keep some bright blooming or foliage plant in this small bamboo-rim flower pot. This week primroses were both on sale and bright and perky at my local grocery store- in the cart they go. A few years ago I made about a dozen of these little flower pots. This is the only one that I kept. It fell during glazing, so I glue-glazed it back together and kept it for myself. My mother has a larger, shallow pot like this in my favorite cobalt blue.

This small bamboo-rimmed bowl filled with clementines is one of two dip-sized bowls in my serving collection. I think that I kept about five of this style, some in white, some in blue, and one in the antique iron, which I also used on the flower pot. Last week I filled the brown one with bright green steamed edamame for a party- it looked as good as it tasted! My boys love clementines- they go through a 4 pound bag each week while they're readily available, so you may be seeing them used as props again.

Speaking of clemies, did you see last week's Minimalist recipe in the New York Times? We made the Clementine Clafoutis Saturday night. It was delicious (and easy)!