pitchers again! 17-20

17- red mishima- I love the ticking at the top and bottom.  red and white and blue and white just make me really happy.  clean and crisp.
18- hand-painted cobalt stripes.  my cobalt is a mix of cobalt oxide, frit (I think), and water.  cobalt is so intense, it rubs off on everything.  I think that I need to add some gerstley borate to stabilize it a little.  this reminds me of rough mediterranean tourist earthenware pottery.

19- one single four leaf clover, white glaze.  tall-ish pitcher.
 20- I love this one.  I took the scrap from my cobalt faux bois pieces and wedged it to reuse, which caused the marbled blue streaks throughout the pitcher.  It's a small, chunky milk-type jug with mishima bees and honeycomb.