half way point

this week marks week 26 of my pitcher project.  Pitchers 22, 23, 24 are in the kiln.  25 is on the drying shelf because a) I forgot I'd left it in the damp box and b) it wouldn't have fit in the little kiln anyway.  I've given away two pitchers, #3 to my mother for mother's day and #7 to a friend who, quite simply, needed it.
Here are the other 19:

I am still toying with the idea of showing these as a group next year. After that point, they'll (almost) all be for sale, either at the showing or in my shop.  Not sure yet.

This morning I went to one of the local shops that carries my work and did a refresh and swap out.  Later this week I'll list some of the things I brought home in a sale section in my shop.  And hopefully I'll glaze the other pitchers and have them to show you, as well.