blue and white/ 21

I am feeling extremely unmotivated to work these days.  Extremely.  Not good for the self-employed.
There are ideas swimming around in my head, but not coming out in the studio.  Pressing on, wanting to or not.
Here are some pieces from my last kiln load that I was happy with:

First, a set of blue and white tumblers.  Plain creamy stoneware, etched designs, cobalt inlay.  There is also this one, but the clover is a smidge too dark.  The think I like best about this cup is the smeary edges that came from glazing immediately after I applied the wash, not giving it time to dry properly.  The floral pattern, which you see repeated below, is the same one I lifted from the vintage bird platter I bought at an estate sale last summer.  I do like combining the traditional china decorating imagery with more abstract, subtle designs.  And the cascading blue circles is just about my favorite of the bunch.  These blue and white pieces will show up again, but I'm holding them back for a while.

And pitcher 21.  I'm still making them, but I'm a bit behind.  This is week 25 and I just finished pitcher 22 yesterday.  So today, 23, 24, 25.  This clay is a leftover piece from my faux bois platters that I rewedged with some fresh clay, so there is some slight blue marbling here and there.  I like the forthright shape and precise design blended with the running blue and marbling.

Later this week: I have berry bowls to list!  I'll post here once they're up.  Have a good week, y'all.