More hope.  to be quite honest, we have been going through a LOT over here.  For the past, oh, four years.  There have been moments of fun and sunshine and peace, but this time's been marked by a lot of loss and uncertainty- more than I'd wish on anyone, much less on my own family.  What I would give for some stability- but that's not my lot in life, apparently.  Faith and hope and love help to balance the chaos, which I am finding myself remarkably equipped to deal with in very small doses (she says sardonically).  Since late October, the normal stresses have grown and I'm less able to put up a happy front, somewhat less hopeful for the future, but clinging to it nonetheless.  Emily Dickinson's poem has become a mantra for me, repeated almost liturgically (and liturgy also helps; I'm a very high-church person- the ritual and familiar words are a balm)

So, back to Emily Dickinson's hope.  I have been talking with a dear friend who feels like she's in a spot much more dire than mine- different pressures, grief, instability.  We share them, but hers are even deeper.  I thought about her when I made this pitcher and inscribed the first stanza of Emily Dickinson's poem across its wide belly.  I think that this will go to her when it's fired- the first to leave me- because she needs it more than I do.

The details- 2 thrown pieces, strap handle.  My regular stoneware.  Assembled once leather-hard and cut down to make the flared lip I love so much.  I actually saved the back half of the top to use for this week's pitcher (which I have yet to make).  I inscribed the first stanza of the poem right where the pieces meet- hope is the thing with feathers that perches/
and around the foot: in the soul & sings the sweetest tune without the words & never stops at all.  There is a feather inside the lip/spout and they're all filled with cobalt inlay.  I think I will make more of these for sale, eventually.  I also made a bowl while I was doing this,  but my memory is fuzzy on how much of the poem I included.

I do hope to make my 8th week pitcher tomorrow, but I'm behind where I want to be and need to get the little kiln loaded and fired with some pieces that are overdue.  There may be a two-pitcher week next week.

Have a good weekend friends.  Thanks for reading.