put a bird on it: vintage style

 Several years ago (2009?) an acquaintance came to my home for the first time and was, to be frank, aghast at the number of birds in my house.  Birds in art, birds in upholstery, a nest here and there, birds on lamps.  Nearly all of them are antique to vintage- dating to Victorian transferware plates to 1940s-60s chinoiserie designs.  Not too many contemporary pieces, but yes, I like birds.  At the time, I had a single bisque stamp of a swallow or dove in flight that I'd use on cups and bowls occasionally.

In 2011, I saw the hilarious Portlandia skit for the first time and promptly stopped using bird imagery in my work.  Of course, I kept all of my vintage bird china, artwork, and home furnishings, but I've been wary of using the imagery in my pots (excepting the chicken cups, of course).  This summer, when I found my giant vintage bird transferware platter, I changed my mind about birds on my work, and when I borrowed Marion's pitcher to copy, I abandoned that no-birds resolve completely.  

This platter is the first in a series with the birds, vintage style.  I'm very happy with it and am sending this piece to a new antiques and art gallery that opens on Friday.  I'm not abandoning my bees by any means, but right now I'm very much in love with these sweet blue birds.

I have 2  completed pitchers to show you and 2 unfired pitchers ready to photograph.  I'll be back here tomorrow.

Have a good week, friends.