this week in pots

I had a little meltdown early this week.  I've aggravated my arms by throwing with clay that was too hard (I know better than that), doing yoga poses (forearm plank, crow) that I know right well are not good for those already irritated tendons, and by being too stressed.  In the past I've noted that if I have a heated argument (though one tries not to have too many of those), my arms are throbbing by the end of it.  No arguments, but I have let the day to day stresses get to me, and after breaking almost $300 worth of pottery on Monday and Tuesday, I decided I needed a few days off.  The universe, it seemed, ordered it.  And then, during a walk, this popped out at me:

Slow down, says the universe.  Good things will come.  See?  It's January and here's the first four-leaf clover of spring!

So I sat down with my sketchbook.  I got out the watercolors.  I cleaned up in the studio and the kitchen.  I made an enormous batch of meatloaf for my boys and for the freezer.  I perfected my vegetarian version of meatloaf for myself ( meaty mushrooms, onions, garlic, bell peppers, spinach, rolled oats, egg, s/p, tomato paste, and any herbs you like ground until a meatloaf like consistency, packed into ramekins, and baked for 30 min at 375.  not pretty, but then neither is meatloaf).

Then I fired some pots that were waiting and was really happy when I unloaded them and found this:

 I've made almost 30 of these little (and some big) teacups inscribed with my favorite quote from Mother Teresa: Do small things with great love.  It is the axiom I try to live by- lots of small, kind things that make a difference.  I don't have grand plans to change the world, but I do think that small actions bring about great changes, and living with this intention has given me a lot of joy over the years, helping to turn my natural "glass half empty" personality into more of an aware, optimistic life.  I'm not there all the time, but it does help.  

I will have some of these  cups in the shop on Monday and will be making them throughout the month of February.  Those that don't go into the shop will be ready for my very small open house on Feb 8.  Very, very small: these cups, some honeypots, and a few trays.

I'll be back here on Saturday with this week's pitcher.  I am mid-mishima with it and will be playing around with my new underglaze watercolors once it's bisqued.

Have a good rest of you week, friends.