slow winter

I have been taking my time this January; working has been almost meditative.  That's going to come to a close as I know that my production schedule has to speed up, but for now, I've been enjoying mornings by the fire, sketchbook (pages, not the actual book yet) in hand, knowing that whatever creative food I take in now will fruit later.

When not drawing or working, I've been cooking (last night was "beta carotene" curried stew- carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, red lentils, onions, curry, coconut milk- and homemade garlic naan, plus gingersnaps.  We had a small ice storm and whenever we're house-bound I want to bake) and knitting.  My slow, deliberate pace might just be set by these:

These are socks, knit in wool that I bought last year at the Oxford Fiber Festival (this year's information is here) and wool that came out of Papatya's stash.  I'm knitting the two socks concurrently, each on its own long circular needle, following two charts (I was so happy that they reversed the patterns on the socks for me so that I didn't have to figure it out myself), section by section- toe, toe, chart one, chart one, heel, heel, and so on.  I was intimidated by this pattern at first, but now I'm walking through it, slowly, happily, for about an hour a day.  I hope to have these finished by March, but I'm not pushing it.

Today I am working on valentines cups and vases, and thinking about this week's pitcher.
How are you filling the quiet time in your January?

Talk to you later, friends.