Pitcher 4

Last week after I posted about pitcher 3, I was asked to show more process photos, but I'd already put this pitcher together.  Starting next week, there will be more photos of the throwing and assembly process.  I have the inspiration pitcher and some preliminary sketches for next week, as well.

This week's pitcher is my favorite so far.  I'm keeping it.  I love this pale blue gray undgerglaze and the clover motif is one of my favorites to use.  I will probably repeat this, but I'm not sure. 

I started with my Standard 563 stoneware and threw an 8" cylinder that I collared in 4/5 of the way up and flared out at the top.  I cut away the back half of the top to form the spout and added this cut-away portion to lengthen the spout.  After I added the strap handle, I coated it with underglaze and drew into the surface of the pitcher.  After I fire it, I'll add more color and glaze it in a satin clear.  The interior will be glossy white.

One of my favorite parts of this project is incorporating the number into the design of the pitcher.  It's been fun.

This week I have also bisqued my first kiln load of pottery, took a photography class, and continued working on my valentine's cups, which will roll out this week.  I'd planned to glaze today, but it is raining and humid and I always have glaze problems on wet days.  Waiting for a drier moment this weekend to do that.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.