Pitcher 2

I felt much more on the ball this week.  I got right up to the studio, cleared the mess out of it, organized, cleaned, and got back down to work.  Here's this week's pitcher:

On Monday I sketched out my idea.  Tuesday, I threw the body out of some reclaimed porcelain (I wasn't sure if it was stoneware or porcelain until I saw black swirls in the clay and found that the clay in my water bowl settled right to the bottom in a thick layer.  My stoneware tends to stay mucky).  I cut the spout out of a slab and pulled a handle, then left them out where the dried completely up.  It was too wet to work with on Weds, so I left the damp box I keep my pieces in uncovered and came back on Thursday.  Made a new spout and let it sit out to dry, made the handle and covered it up.

Some time in the distant past (2001 maybe?) I made a bisque mold with deep impressions of fiddleheads I gathered from the woods around our house in the country.  There were SO many ferns in those woods.  I rolled out a piece of clay, stuck the fiddleheads in, then let them dry.  Once I fired the clay, it made a nice mold for sprig decorations.  Wedgwood Jasperware is decorated with sprigs taken from similar molds.  I used to use this particular mold a lot, but haven't as much in recent years.  Yesterday, Thursday, I spent most of my studio time molding and applying the fiddleheads.  This morning I attached the handle and cleaned up most of my fingerprints, gouges, and excess clay.  Once the piece is leather hard I'll go over it again with a soft rib and sea sponge. 

I haven't decided how I'll glaze this.  I've used white and green before, and also celadon.  I'm also considering a transparent cobalt blue.  We'll see.

It's funny, but my favorite thing about this piece is the "2" under the handle. 

I also started working on some valentine's related pieces this week.  I'm planning a small home sale Friday, Feb 8, after work.  I'll also have some pieces online.  Those will come out at the end of this month.  I have a lot of work to do to make it happen, but I think it's doable.

Have a great weekend, friends.