anatomy study

I picked these bees up from the "bee graveyard" in front of my hive after watching the golden colored bees (on the left) trying to get into the hive (it's robbing season) and being battled down by my darker ladies (to the right).  I'm still working in my daily sketchbook and from time to time go and get the dead bees (their adult lifespan is 30-60+ days, and if you notice dead bees with tattered wings, they've flown themselves to death) to better understand and render them in my drawings and on my pottery.  I was amazed by the huge orange pollen baskets on the top bee.  They're almost florescent.   My bees are Russian hybrid bees, and it's interesting how their abdomen seems to be a completely different shape than these golden (Italian?) bees.

Last week I went to trim some bowls that I'd planned to turn into berry bowls, but they were too dry.  They became bee bowls instead, with a bright aqua interior.  I have plans to make more bee mugs before Christmas, too.