Good morning.  This is what I'm tackling today.  Lots of last-minute glazing for the Whitton Farms Fall Festival (details here and here), and for my studio sale the first weekend in November.  I think I'm not sending out postcards this year, but email me if you're local and need my address.

Fall is beautiful and my bees are hurry-scurrying to get it all done.  They're bringing in the last of the season's nectar and their pollen baskets are loaded down.  I'm working just like the bees- firing 2-3 times a week- in both kilns.  Ally is working on my handbuilding projects- she makes all of the little trays and saucers for me to draw and print on.  I haven't done any outside shows in years, so I don't know if I'm making too much or too little to cover the slate I've signed up for.  I guess we'll see.

Have a lovely weekend.  Our son's godfather has just returned from 10 months in Afghanistan and we're anticipating seeing him again soon- potentially this weekend.  We're overjoyed.