this week

I heard about a big vegetarian Indian dinner in town and it's all I can think about.  Specifically spicy creamy palak paneer with its cubes of crisped salty cheese.

I spent all day one day drawing these blue zinnias on bowls and little custard-style cups.  I like them a lot. I'm keeping this one, but this morning I put the rest of them in my shop
I've been doing a lot more production-style throwing over the past few weeks and realizing, especially after two large orders on top of another mountainous order,  that I can't really do everything in my studio by myself.  So I asked around about getting help and have some really good options.  I'm excited.

After I got my new running shoes, I found my desire to fun fall flat.  I'm still doing my routine, I just don't want to.  This happens EVERY time I buy new shoes.  Oddest thing.  I wait and wait and wait to get the shoes and then the great running deflation occurs.  Strange, no?  Pressing through it.

I think that's all I have to say today.  Have a nice weekend, y'all.