I just opened up the kiln to pull out some orders I've been  working through and almost forgot that the test pieces with my new inlay were in this firing.  I did some with plain cobalt and water, which turned out fine, just blue, nothing new, and then four pieces in cobalt with frit, which ran beautifully.  I'm so so happy with this.  So much so that this one is mine.  This is also a) my new stoneware- super white, super fine, so much like porcelain in appearance but not as big a pain to work with, and b) the largest piece I've thrown in a good long time- about 14" in diameter.

This week has been full- my new assistant began working with me, taking care of packing orders, wedging clay, and making my hand-built platters.  I've been working through a large pile of orders, making, trimming, cleaning up, glazing.  I can't believe it's Thursday already. 

Have a great end to your week and weekend.  See you next week.