I didn't mean to be gone for quite so long.  School started on Monday.  We spent last week eking out the last bits of summer we could, along with registering for classes, buying school supplies, finding the uniform clothes, figuring out the lunchbox, and and and.  The first three days have been good- and no-homework days mean we go directly from school to the pool.  As sad as we were about school beginning so early, I do love having my "work days" back.  

The weekend before last, I finished painting my studio.  SO pleased with that space.  I still need to finish painting the trim, but I'll finish that up soon and give y'all the grand tour.  The light, bright color helps so much.  

I've begun my annual tomato binge.  I turned a box of tomatoes into 9 quarts of quartered tomatoes in juice.  A second batch became 8 quarts and 13 pints of soup.  Box #2 became 13 pints of thick spaghetti sauce (I learned to use my pressure canner for the soup and sauce).  This weekend I'm picking up box #3 to become salsa and jarred roasted tomatoes (hotwater bath and pressure canned, respectively).  This morning I went down to the canning pantry and straightened everything up, counted my jars to be sure I won't need to buy more (salsa in half-pints, jarred roasted in half-pints and pints).  It feels good to see summer's harvest ready to feed us for the rest of the year.  Once it gets cooler, I'll start making and pressure canning stocks, and I may try my hand at putting up corn and green beans (but I have certain crunch expectations, so I may not do that).

Early this afternoon I listed the first of my modern blue and white pieces in the shop, then threw almost two dozen ramekins that I'll decorate with the blue zinnias.  I'm excited about working again.

Have a great rest of your week, y'all, and thanks for reading.