high summer

This week has gone by fast- we had guests.  My friend Angela and her husband Devin came through on their way to Albuquerque.  We enjoyed their visit and are glad they arrived safely. We stayed in and relaxed with many pool visits, fresh summer drinks, and a pedi treat, a small break on their long journey.

Our summer is heating up.  Every morning I go out to water- turn on the hoses on the front of back yard gardens and let the water drip into the garden beds.  They dry out so fast.  My plum tomatoes are ready- a few coming in every day.   The air is on almost all the time, and I watch the extended forecast for days/nights that it's cool enough to fire the big kiln (we have to turn off the air for the highest/longest firing cycle.  I try to time it for the hours we're asleep so that we don't wake up to a hot, humid house).  I can run the little kiln while the air is on, so perhaps it's time to get started on replacing those elements?  Hmm.

My boy finished two weeks of tennis camp, so for the next two weeks we have few plans but reading and self-entertainment in the mornings while I try to squeeze in a few hours worth of work, followed by pool time in the afternoons.  Things seem to be looking up with pottery-finally.  The kiln is full of test pieces in the new stoneware that I hope will work to replace my old favorite stoneware.  I also have two bags of dry glazes to mix and test in my basement glazing dungeon.  I'm looking forward to a smooth period of making and restocking after such a rocky spring.

Summer's here- I hope you'll enjoy yours.