and it clicked

I'm excited about pottery again.  I realized that I'm going to have to stop using big bessie kiln for the summer (I'm looking at a week plus of 100+ days, and firing her requires 10+ hours of no AC) and fire more frequently with my little kiln, which was stripped of elements last night and half-replaced.  I was so proud to do it myself (with significant coaching from my friend Mike, the ceramics engineer), but my back gave out before I could finish.  Also, hello, sweaty.

I've been throwing a bit again this week and pulled out some new supplies I bought this spring before everything went haywire.  Here's one piece I just finished working on:

The blue is underglaze carbon paper, for lack of a better term.  I drew these zinnias (based on Walter Anderson's zinnias) last summer and made tissue paper templates.  I have high hopes for these- if I draw directly on the paper, the lines are incredibly fine.  If I draw through the templates, they're a little blotchy, thick and thin.  I think I like it.

Earlier this week I played around with more blue and white- I think it's a direction I'll pursue.  All of my wedding dishes were blue and white, and I've collected different blue and whites over time.  I'll be back to show you the results in a few weeks.