I unloaded the glaze firing that included my Mississippi River clay inlay experiment.  thrilled with 2:3.  Inlay is better than brushing it on as a slip.

One of my baby chickens is a cockerel.  Confirmed by my own chicken experience (the tail feathers are curving downward), experience of other friends who have been equally unhappily surprised when their pullets turned out to be not so, and, possibly most damning, by a farmer friend who saw a photo and asked how "that baby rooster is doing".  Looking for a new home for it.  (also looking for a new home for my old volvo sedan, um, if you're interested).

One more week of school.  A week of decompression after that, then a week at the beach.  So so looking forward to that, and even more so now that I know that there is an excellent grocery store in the town.  Not having to worry about packing groceries for a week is a blessing.

Alrighty.  See y'all later.