Daily Drawings, January

Here's the other part of my January.  I made 27 sketches/drawings in 31 days.  Here are 25 of them- there are just two that I did. not. want. to. share. 
I really enjoyed the exercise- it's been a very long time since I sat down to draw on a regular basis.
I was really inspired by several different artists - not to copy them, but at how they see the world around them.  Renee Gardner of Wolfie and the Sneak makes the most lovely botanical art.  I treated myself to several of her pieces over the holidays and have them in the studio, over my drafting table.  I love strong line of Nikki McClure's papercuts.  There are lots of people who make wonderful drawings, and these are just two who have inspired me.
I'm looking forward to February's work.  The paper changes color to a creamy yellow.  I might pull out some colored pencils and watercolors for those. 

Happy February, y'all.