Good evening.  It's been another crazy week at my house.  Lots of time at the hospital helping to care for my sweet (to me, with very grouchy appearances) old man, who happily, is leaving the hospital tomorrow.  I am ever so grateful for his recovery.  Some fluish virus hit my little boy- he missed 3 days of school- egads! I also cought the virus, but its duration was much shorter for me.  Lots of packages (22 in one week could be a record, but I may have surpassed that in berry bowls) going out.  My postman was not amused by the pile of boxes sitting on the porch every day.  The weather was very warm and the magnolias and cherry trees have begun blooming.  Gary took this picture at a neighbor's house on Saturday- there are three of them- and I've rendered them into drawings to use on pots in the future.  Because of the illness that hit my house, I missed my surface design class in Atlanta, and I missed seeing friends from College and the pottery world.  I have been given a tremendous gift of another online pottery class that begins this week, and I am very much looking forward to dedicating an hour or so every day to exploring new techniques and enriching my work.
We had a 5 hour marathon pinewood derby tonight. It was long and late and even some of the Webelos ended up in tears of disappointment and exhaustion.  I had to go home halfway through the races.  Sitting under florescent lights for hours on end, even with my knitting, takes more dedication than I have.  An hour's respite in my quiet house was lovely.

I hope to have a normal work week this week, filling wholesale orders and making a batch of tall tumblers for some friends who have been waiting patiently for me to get to their requests.

Happy Sunday night, friends.