the third

 Here they are.  The pieces for the St. Jude event that I began in mid- July.  Finished them last week.  11 short oval vases, 11 taller oval vases, and in the back you can barely see the 10 enormous thrown and hand-built shallow serving bowls.
And here are the smaller vases and butter plates I made for the tables.  I'm incredibly proud of this body of work, but less pleased with the time it took me to make them.

As fate would have it, I came down with the upper respiratory virus that is winding its way around the city and spent yesterday, the day of the actual event, in bed, asleep, or trying to cough up my lungs.  I don't have any photos of the event itself (yet). 

I'm still under the weather, and the weather itself is not being very cooperative, so I will have limited work for Sunday's artists sale at Tsunami in Cooper-Young.  I think I'm ok with that.  I'll have what I'll have - some ornaments, some bee pieces, some of these colorful vases.  Not what I'd planned, but it's better than nothing!

Over and out until December.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Oh!  If you're still reading, I try to respond to people who comment, but most of the time blogger doesn't give me your email address.  This makes me cranky.   So if I don't reply to you when you've taken the time to comment, forgive me.  I want to, I just can't find your email address.