Today I am thankful to be *almost* all better.

I am thankful for a Thanksgiving meal at my mother's house that was the most colorful, vegetable-filled meal I think I've ever eaten.

I am thankful that I was able to bring my favorite harvest dishes, like this (dairy-free, panko-topped) take on this tomato cobbler.

And I'm thankful that there were still plenty of fresh local cherry tomatoes at my favorite farmers' restaurant/grocery last night.

I'm thankful that my good friend and studio helper has more sense than I do and sent me back to bed on Tuesday (or Monday.  I'm not sure anymore) and told me that I was too sick to work.

And I'm thankful that she told me that I was too sick to do the Tsunami Sale on Sunday.  Because truly, if I'd tried to press though, I would still be sick.  I'm sorry that I'm not doing the sale, but also not.  I'll have work available by appointment if you're local, and online in the coming weeks.  This week I'm putting a lot on Etsy (I hope.  I think).

And I'm thankful to y'all for continuing to read my ramblings and support me with your encouraging words and your business.  It means so much.

I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving and your coming holiday season is a joyous one.