that absence was unexpected.  life is crazy sometimes.  mine certainly is.  the bad things are bad; we learn from them, hopefully, and send them on their way.  We got hit by big-time bad on monday the 21st, right after I wrote here last.  Another layoff, unexpected, and a big problem with our insurance.  All is well in the end.  We're coping, we have short-term insurance (hi, powers that be, I'd really really like single-payer insurance.  I'd be happy to pay for it, to sacrifice some other things to get it.  just so you know, in case you're listening.).  The end that is well isn't here yet, but it will be.

I promised I'd show some of the new work that is at my newest retail account, Original Ink a stationery and gift shop in Germantown, TN.  They're carrying my botanical pieces and some of the French redware, but I wanted to show you two ideas that they asked me to create:

 The first is a series of baby cups, a spin-off of my french-labeled pieces.  I love the "bebe" in lower case font.  I'm not typically a pink fan, but I think it worked well here:

The second, a series of plates and platters, comes from my little nest-topped honey pots.  I would have never thought to take the little nest and put it on a platter, but it's sweet.  

Both of these lines are exclusive to Original Ink.  I'll still sell my nest-topped honeypots and redware locally and at my etsy shop, but these particular versions are only available in Germantown.  They are keeping me busy, as are my other retail accounts in Memphis.  I'm planning my home sale for mid-May, and updating etsy NEXT WEEK!  I promise.

Later this week (barring uncertainties) I'll have a few more things to show you.  Until then, be well, be happy, be grateful for the good in your life.  That's helped me wade through the muck.  Thanks for reading, friends.