Good morning!  It is a gray and rainy Friday in Memphis.  I can hardly believe that it's Friday already.  The week's flown by.  I've gotten some good work done, had a good initial meeting with a new retailer and am developing some work especially for their shop.  It's exciting to have a new direction to work in- taking someone else's idea and making it mine. 
I've made two big batches of limoncello for 2011's holiday gifts- plain and gingered this year- last year's batch was rosemary-flavored and spiced-blood-orange.  I have just a bit more than one pint of each left; I'm guarding them with my life!

This weekend is supposed to be rainy the entire weekend.  With no definitive plans on the books, I'm going to try to get all of my glazing in - I have almost a dozen honey pots to glaze- at least 6 will go into the shop next week.  I'm overdue with a restock in the shop. 

Finally, I'd like to share an email I received from a customer this morning.  It made my day:
Thank you so much for the egg cups.  I saw your work in . . . and
   decided to purchase as I have fond memories of my Grandfather eating
   soft boiled eggs from an egg cup.  Every time I make the eggs for my
  little grandchildren, I think of him and wish I had his egg cups.  . . .I have been 
  diagnosed with cancer and am  currently undergoing chemo, so comfort and 
  nostalgia mean so very much. . . . I shared two of the cups with
  my dear sister, and she had the same wonderful feelings.

This, friends, is why I keep working.  My dearest desire is that my work will impart some extra meaning and joy into normal everyday life.  That you'll use a mug, plate, eggcup, bowl on a daily basis, enjoy it, wash it, eat in it.  This email counteracts every single small criticism that I get from other customers (though there are not many) or from my own hyper-critical inner voice.  

Ok.  Have a good weekend.  See you next week!