changes and challenges

Last week was spring break.  It was a good week- probably our last week to use the woodstove, and the first week with open windows.  I had a really good meeting about a new project I'll be working on.  I had a good birthday (hello, 36!).  We took a camping trip with a friend and her family that was just divine.  And, thanks to my dear friend Natalie, I got a lot more work done before the trip than I thought I might.  She helped me crank out a ton of platters for a new retail account- they are in the kiln now (my stars, it is STUFFED) and this week we'll be glazing them. 

That retail account is one of the new changes/challenges I'm facing.  I have four wholesale and consignment accounts right now, which is pretty amazing to me.  It's a lot for one person and a 2-4 hour a week helper to tackle.  I haven't been terribly good about keeping my accounts as stocked as I should.  And I'm realizing that I've let some things that are good slide and some things that aren't as good take up more space in my brain and my life than they should reasonably be allowed.  I'm shaking that up.  Over the past year I've really neglected my etsy shop.  Sure, there have been egg cups galore, but I haven't put up as much new work as I would like.  I've been operating on a zero-inventory basis.  I make it, I sell it.  Make it, sell it.  This morning my accountant was finishing up our 2010 taxes and asked about inventory.  She seemed a little surprised when I told her that I never really had any.  I think that should change. 

So- the changes.  After early June, I'm taking the summer "off".  I'll still work on filling orders for my accounts and keeping the etsy shop stocked, but I'm not going to be as publicly available as I have been in years past- at least, not to anyone but my family and friends.  It has been five years since I've had a "proper" summer.  Our school year ends right before Memorial Day and begins the second week of August.   I'll be at the Memphis Farmers Market early- once in April, May, and June, and I'll have my annual home sale in mid May.  After that, I'll have work available in stores (more on that soon) around Memphis, at Etsy, and I'll have an early holiday sale.  Life isn't all about work, is it (I have a hard time with not working all the time)?  I'm looking forward to having more time with my boy in the garden, at the pool, storing up the seasons' bounty, reading, relaxing.

I'll be back later this week with some photos of new work and where it will be available-
Y'all have a good week!