good morning!

I am 99% sure that I've shared this with you before- it is a cup that I made for one of my favorite customers who is also a volunteer at the Memphis Farmers Market- he takes the early shift and usually helps me set up my  tent- those last few pulling it out steps that one person can't do alone.  And he is always so happy and sunny- as is his wife, who plays the harp (!) at the market (!).  I wanted to give them something happy and sunny.

Text appeals to me- maybe because I love reading so much, and I love calligraphy (but don't really practice it myself) and vintage fonts.  Red on white reminds me of old redwork embroidery and vintage enamel kitchen-ware.  This morning I saw this bit of happy text on my flickr contacts stream.  It made me really happy, and made me wonder how I could take this idea and make it my own.

I think we'll be seeing more "good morning" pieces in the future- and maybe some happy welcoming wall tiles.  We'll see how this percolates.

Have a beautiful week, friends, and happy Valentine's day!  Tell someone how much they mean to you- it will make their day.  You being here, reading, commenting, means so much to me.  Thanks for being a support system!