Hi!  I just unloaded my first "big" dinner set from the kiln this morning.   Actually, this is the first half of the set.  8 luncheon-sized plates, 8- 8oz tumblers, 8- 6 oz cups.  They are super bright, simple, mixable-matchable.  There are a few little spots that will need a re-glaze, and then I'll deliver them either this weekend or the first of next week.  It feels really special to have done this- I put off making dinnerware for the longest time.  I really sweated the plates,  but I'm happy with them!  I made a few extra of each piece just in case, and I'm glad that I did, because one plate cracked and one little cup adhered itself to the kiln shelf because I applied the glaze too thick and it ran.  The second half of this set will include egg cups and some bowls, and probably something else, but I'm not sure what.  I hope my client is as pleased with it as I am. 

Gary's described some of my work as handmade fiesta-ware - I can definitely see that in these pieces.  It's funny to me how the these forms, rendered in bright colors, are a world apart from the same pieces glazed white with a simple green leaf or two.    I have several examples of both the botanical pieces and these vividly colored pieces sitting next to each other on the kitchen table - one set is definitely more quiet and formal while the other is vivacious and happy (if dishes can be vivacious. . . ).

Over the next few days I have to wrap up my 2010 taxes to take to our accountant, glaze a small load of pottery, attend a few meetings about our community's schools, and visit with some relatives who've come in from out of town for the weekend.  We're having lovely sunny spring-like weather (today's high is 70!) and it energizes me.

I think I won't be back in this space before next Monday- I hope your week wraps up well.
Enjoy some sunshine!