Shortly before the holidays two different church organizations asked me to develop some liturgical items for them.  I finally sat down to make some drawings and stamps a week or so ago, after letting the ideas percolate in my brain for over a month.  This photo is of the green (unfired) stamps, drying on my radiator.  They've been fired, and I was happy with what I'd come up with.

Until, that is, I actually used them.  Yesterday I threw some Jefferson-type cups to impress with the round cross designs.  One of them worked.  Same with the anchor designs.  I'll fire and glaze all eight prototype pieces that I made, but it never ceases to amaze me how difficult it can be to get the image in my brain to come to life.  And how making something that falls so short can give me such a sinking feeling.  I ask too much of myself, perhaps?  I'm grateful that my work isn't always in R&D stages!   Regardless, I'm happy that at least two of these seven designs worked the way I wanted them to. 

Today I'm trimming pots that I made yesterday and the day before- including these liturgical Jefferson cups.  First, I'm going to run with my dog.

Have a wonderful day.