right now

right now I am sitting at the kitchen table, glazing a fern platter.  I'm feeling a little under the weather- you know, when it's just starting and you know that you can stave it off if you go to bed early and take care of yourself?  That's where I am.

But it isn't entirely unpleasant.  I'm watching the little sparrows (and occasional cardinal, finch, and rascally squirrel) at the feeder just outside the window.  I'm listening to a history of the world in 100 objects, wishing that there was a companion book to the series.  My favorite episode so far is the one I've just heard- about how the image of Buddhism- the young, seated Buddha- is the one we think of when presented with the idea of Buddha.  But really, they're all just fascinating.

I've just had my very favorite tofu curry soup (so spicy, so rich, so full of veggies), delivered by a soup fairy (thank you, thank you Jess), and am smelling the warm mingled spiciness of my umpteenth cup of chai and gingerbread warm from the oven.  Homework is being completed beside me as I work.  A little later, once I've cleaned off the bottoms of my pots, I'll get into bed with more tea, knitting, and finish watchingthe Gleaners and I.   I'll wait to fire the kiln until the morning. 

I feel so much relief since re-adjusting my holiday business plans.  And I thank you, friends, for your support and understanding.  It means a lot.