finally fall

The weather's finally cooled down.  As much as I looked forward to summer, I really never thought it would end.

This weekend I went camping with some good girl friends- it was fire-less because of the drought we've been having (I think we're on day 40 without rain), but the weather was crisp, the breezes were plentiful, and the skies were amazingly full of stars.

Once home, I made a batch of spicy tomato jam (and I do mean spicy) for gifts and for the pantry.  I have another 7 quarts of quartered tomatoes on the stove, and this evening I'll finish up my last box with as many pints of marinara as I can eek out.  Last summer I canned 2 boxes of tomatoes- maybe 10 pints of puree and 12 quarts.  This year I've gotten almost 4 boxes of tomatoes- I have no plans of scrimping on my tomatoes or running out.

Outside the kitchen, it is time to really ramp up on the making.  I'm participating in a "trunk show" type sale at a friend's home, my own pre-holiday sale (Nov 12 and 13), a Thanksgiving weekend sale, and the Memphis Farmers Market second annual holiday sale.  Plus I plan to have a fully stocked etsy shop for the first time in, oh, who knows when.  So, folks, it's time for me to get rolling- I've already begun making pomegranates.  And I'll have lots more butter crocks and honey pots.  I can barely keep those in stock, and I'm grateful for that.

Have a great week, y'all.  I'm off camping again at the end of the week with some really dear friends.  I can hardly wait.  See you next week!