a little more

about that interview I was telling you about on Saturday.  I'm still thinking about it.  I dug up (literally, in the case of the split example) my old buddha heads I made while teaching in 2004 (I think).  The one that split was in a window box planter on my front porch.  The other white one (it came first, made out of self-hardening clay that I took a risk on and fired) was the first one I'd made.  I think the buff stoneware is the better of the two.  They're about 3" tall.
I first became interested in Buddhism when I was in college (typical).  I am not a good Buddhist.  Not at all.  I don't let things go easily.  I try, but -  trying is the essence, I think.  I'm a better Episcopalian.  Much better.  And more committed, but still, it's all about the trying and starting over every day.  I think that Jesus and Buddha would be cool with each other on most levels.
On Sunday, after Saturday's Memphis Farmers Market appearance, I plan to play hooky and take my family down to the river for the day.  They think we're just going to play in the muddy muddy water, but really, I'm going after that iron-rich clay for my project.

I may not be in this space again until early next week, so have a good one if I don't see you again.