Hi.  I'm feeling a little better now.  My shoulders are gradually coming down from my ears.  I have a few things to tell you about.
First, if you're in Memphis, my friends the Forresters (of Whitton Farms) have opened their long-awaited Trolley Stop Market.  They have a facebook page but not a website yet.  I have pottery there, plus there's a plethora of local goodness: honey, organic popcorn and rice, organic flour (hard and soft wheat, kamut, spelt), veggies, flowers, gifts, and really really fabulous pizza.  I make a pretty mean pizza, but this nearly topped my own efforts.  No, I'm not at all modest about my cooking in general and my pizza in particular.

Second, in lieu of having a sale at home this summer, I'm going to make a pretty large etsy update.  A honeypot or two, more egg cups, speckled egg ware, berry bowls, mugs.  I'm going to photograph the pieces and start listing them today.  You my readers, customers, and friends have been so supportive of my work over the past several years.  I really appreciate it. 

My sweet friend Tara took a lovely photo (all of her photos are lovely, frankly) of one of my pieces and used it in her blog post for today.  If you have time, go look at her photos.  She captures life in such a way that it just looks so pretty.  She inspires me to find the pretty moments in the midst of my daily grind.  And lately, I need the inspiration and the pretty.  I think we all get bogged down and need to be uplifted.  Tara's work does that for me, and her photographs of my work remind me of why I chose this work- I believe it makes everyday life happier, even just a little happier, a little more meaningful.  Thanks for the reminder, Tara!