working merrily along

 I disappeared for a moment, didn't I?  I've been working steadily to build my inventory, working to expand my repertoire- both in terms of forms and glaze applications.  Several people have asked me about other "eggshell" glazes- specifically brown speckled chickens' eggs.  I tried my speckles on white and was pleased, but I really like it on the creamy reduction-style glaze at top.  The brown holds a lot of potential, I think, but I am not where I'd like to be with it yet.  I only have these two eggs right now, but I'm working on more for the shop

The weather in Memphis has alternated between fabulous and horrid- I stayed home from the  Memphis Farmers Market this past week- we had torrential rains and flooding.  All is well in my house and in my city, but Nashville was hit hard.  Lots of familiar and famous places are under water.  My family and friends are safe; I am grateful that they live in areas that weren't hit by the flooding Harpeth and Cumberland Rivers.

My chickens are outside, the garden is wearing its spring party dress, we're all healthy, and I'm grateful.  I'll have more of my work to show you this weekend.  Hope your week is productive and happy.