the week ends

and it has whipped me. After I finally got the kiln loaded, I crawled in the bed. I am beyond tired. Six months of striving, toiling, getting no. where. I'm not upset, I'm not depressed, nothing catastrophic has happened. I'm just worn slap out.

So last night I looked over in the dim, whole-house-asleep-I'm-still-working-kitchen, took this photo (have I mentioned how I hate CFLS and the light they cast with regards to the camera?) of work being reglazed and started shedding.   I've postponed my sale at home.  Felt immediately better.  Today I was midway through finishing glazing (To be ready for saturday it has to fire on wednesday.  Today is not Wednesday.  My kiln's size requires 24 hours cool-down, and if I leave the house at 5:40 to go to the market, it would mean 4:40 unloading and pricing, and I'm not up for all of that) when I canceled this weekend's scheduled appearance at the market.  I sent the boys to an IMAX movie, finished loading, showered, and crawled into bed.

So.  I may reschedule my sale.  I may not.  I may sell it online.  I don't know.  I have a lot of work but no energy to do anything to promote it, smile, explain it, market it.  I'm sapped.  I'll be quiet around here for a while until I have something to say again.  Right now I'm just going to rest.  See you when I get back.