to market to market

to buy a fat pig- no some pottery!  I hope.  I'm praying, meditating, doing anti-rain dances and tying my shoelaces in special knots - anything  so long as it doesn't rain on  Saturday during the market!  I'm bringing lots of ferny pieces- bowls and cups and mugs and platters- some speckled ware- and a new selection of butter crocks and honey pots.  I'm really excited about these two butter crocks- I have more like these in the works.  And is it vain of me to tell you that this honey pot makes me squee just a little?  I was really tickled with these- I can see a set of canisters in this design in my immediate future!  I'll definitely be making more of these- in all sizes.    There are lots of pieces that I made that are staying at home- they were bisqued, but because of my focus on the platters, I didn't get all of the glazing I'd planned to do done.  In fact, I didn't run my kiln at all this week- but there are several new things coming to the market with me.

. . . Including some of these HOPE pieces!  I have a handful that I've made recently to bring to the market.  60% of the price of these pieces goes to support the recovery efforts of the West TN Haiti Partnership, which specifically serves St. Vincent's Hospital, Orphanage, and School in Port-au-Prince Haiti.  You can check my shop for more information, pieces, and sizes.  My selection on Saturday will be limited, but they will be there!  I do appreciate your help in raising money for the desperately poor and handicapped in Haiti.

So.  I hope that the rain comes tonight and stays away Saturday day.  And I hope your weekend is beautiful.  Have a good one!