a long time ago I told someone that I wanted to be a production potter. I haven't quite gotten my wish, but I do find myself in production mode more often than not. Last year I made berry bowls. And more berry bowls. And more berry bowls. This year I have a small stash ready so that I don't have to make nothing but berry bowls. A week or so ago I made nothing but honeypots. Yesterday I made sets of tumblers. It's easy (easier) to get matching pieces if you make several (dozens) at the same time. Monotony does set in- I like to start off my throwing session with making several small bowls and vases- do my production work- then end with some larger serving pieces. It helps to break the time up somewhat.

This photo is the end result of a long line of production- I made ten platters decorated with my favorite (but difficult to find) Japanese Climbing Fern (Lygodium japonicum) for a wedding. One cracked after I dropped an egg cup on it*. I am very relieved to be finished with this project and happy with the results. I hope the bride who ordered them is equally happy!

I'll be at the Memphis Farmers Market this weekend with fewer speckled pieces than I had last time but more ferny pieces. I'm looking forward to good weather and to seeing market friends again. Have a good week! I'm going back up to making multiples.

*I glazed the platter anyway and will hang it in my studio. There are several pieces that I've made with flaws that render them unsellable but that still speak to me- cracks down the center, chips on the side (I am a lazy packer when I'm not shipping, and my inventory suffers for it). I'm thinking of a hanging arrangement in my studio that looks something like this.