I am finally ready to let these go. Here's how I'm doing berry bowls this year. I'm listing ten at a time as I have them. I'm not offering custom colors or groups. Trying to meet individual requests made me more than a little stressed last year and the year before. I'm trying to reduce the amount of crazy in my life this year. I've had several customer requests for saucers to go under the berry bowls. I'm going to begin making them this week. and should have them finished the week of May 1. If you want a saucer, please indicate your wishes in the buyer's notes and I will send you an extra paypal invoice to cover the cost of the saucer ($10, which will also include the bump in shipping).

I do appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for these berry bowls. They (and you!) make a huge contribution to my family's financial well-being and even when I feel completely crazy during "berry bowl season" I never forget how much you help us. Thank you!