How are you? You know how sometimes it feels like your weeks fly by? And sometimes it feels like three days have already been a week? I think when I have a concrete deadline things start to go haywire. On Monday I bought a tent for the market. I hope hope (fingers crossed) that it will arrive before Friday. I started running again and got in a little easy 25 minute jog with my dog. Monday was also a glazing day- and the bottom broke out of one of my buckets of glaze. Happily, I was glazing over the kitchen sink so most of the mess was contained. Also happily, it was the sepia color I use on my herb markers and almost nothing else. And I have more dry glaze. I tried to salvage what I could (many glazes settle into a thick sludge at the bottom of their buckets) by mixing the sludge with a little bit of clear glaze- and the markers came out clear. I'll redo them in a bit. It took most of the day, but I got my glazing finished. Hundreds of herb markers and the first round (they have to be glazed twice to encase the speckles in glaze) of all of my speckled egg ware. Right before the glaze bucked busted, I remembered that I had a dentist appointment and went to it, covered in glaze, still wearing running clothes. I couldn't stop laughing- I was mortified that I forgot, that I was filthy, but there you go.
Tuesday we had QUITE AN ADVENTURE that took up the entire morning. This adventure was right on top of the work that I needed to do and, ah, effectively prevented me from doing it. Then we had a funeral to attend. By the time the funeral was over school was out, little boy had a dentist appointment. After the dentist appointment, I managed to get the rest of my pots waxed and some details glazed. And I began to see the humor in life before deadlines.

This morning everything has gone smoothly. I ran, unloaded the kiln, put the second glaze coat on my speckled pieces, finished glazing the rest, loaded the kiln, and now just need to reglaze those clear-sepia herb markers, start firing, clean up my glazing mess, then finally shoot pictures of my HOPE pieces and new egg vases to put up in the shop.

I certainly expect something of a crazed/epic nature to happen, as it does when deadlines press. But I think that I'll laugh instead of flip out. So far it's been pretty funny.

If you're in Memphis, I do hope you'll come down for the opening day of the market. It should be a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Have a lovely rest of your week!