seventy seven
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how did it get to be Thursday already? How did it get to be middle March already?

It has been a good week. I had my 35th birthday. I got a little making done. Lots of check-up doctors visits. Accountant/tax stuff. Time in my son's classroom. All of the daffodils have begun blooming. My yard is full of cheerful yellow and the trees are beginning to bud. Spring makes me happy.

Tomorrow is a glazing day. I'm hiring some help, finally. I hate hate hate glazing, but unglazed pottery isn't really something to sell. I did most of the waxing (you know we wax the bottoms of pots because the glaze is essentially liquid glass and will melt and adhere to the kiln shelves. Also not saleable) on Wednesday. I have 20 berry bowls to wax and will begin listing them around the first of April.

If you know me in real time (or know me on facebook), you'll know that Memphis has been hit by a big loss. Alex Chilton, frontman for the Box Tops and later Big Star (awesome 70s power pop), passed away yesterday in New Orleans. My husband introduced me to Chilton and Big Star when we were dating. We listened to a lot of Chilton, Al Green, and early Wilco in the late 90s, so Chilton holds a special place in my heart. Much of Memphis, and especially the part of town I call home, is in mourning today. If you don't know of his music, go to iTunes (or pandora) and look him up. You won't be sorry.

Have a great weekend, y'all.