spring break

spring arrangement
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hi. we're on spring break this week. at home, but trying to fit in fun things. like taking video of the chickens. Tromping through the woods with friends, having late night suppers with other friends, spending as much time as possible outside. And finally hashing out my summer schedule- for the boy's activities and my pottery obligations. I just got my dates down for MFM. I am still planning to have a summer sale, but since I'll be at MFM every other week, it will, by necessity, be slightly smaller and focus on larger items like platters and bigger bowls (plus seconds that I won't bring downtown) that I won't have much of at the Farmers Market. If you're local, I'd love some feedback on what you'd like to see.

I'm really ramping up my production- I just bought a new system of bats- actually one regular-sized bat with 22 5.5" square inserts. I have about 15 regular 15" bats that I use up pretty quickly. I can cut small bud vases off the bats to dry without distorting their shape, but can't do that with berry bowls, mugs, etc. These little square inserts are big enough for me to throw the majority of my pieces on and take up so much less space for drying. I used it for the first time yesterday and couldn't be happier.

Hope you have a beautiful week! (oh, and this lovely little vase is by the very talented Diana Fayt!