mostly just procrastinating

I am not really a procrastinator. I like to get it done and move on to the next thing. Ahem. Except when it comes to glazing. I've got a small pile of work in front of me that I need to glaze and fire tonight, because unless we're getting another snow or ice blanket, I'll be at St. Jude on Friday for their semi-monthly vendor fair. I hadn't planned to make new ware after the last event was rescheduled, but I had a request for one of my butter crocks and had none in stock.
So. This morning I've cleaned up the kitchen, weeded through plastic food storage (we're weaning ourselves off of those convenient endocrine-disrupting items), done some laundry, taken pictures, and sat down at the table with my computer. Time's up. Time to glaze.

There are a few small pieces in this load that I'm very excited to tell you about. Hopefully on Friday.

Have a good week!