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Last week was rough. The weekend was fine, but ended with a vomity boy. I didn't spend time in the studio until Friday. There was no disaster, but life is hard, it isn't fair, things are out of my control. Things I felt secure in fell through. The high points of the week seemed to be magically erased by "what if" scenarios, dread, disappointment, and frankly, too much navel-gazing. This week I'm going to try to focus on things that are going right, things that I love. Over at flickr I'm going to take a photo a day of the things that bring me joy, peace, happiness. And hope. Because things could be a lot worse, no matter how difficult I might think any given situation is.

So. My late mother in law's pair of pierced porcelain lamps are in my list of things I love. I adore how they cast shadows around the dining room after we've turned out the lights. She and my father in law married in 1954. He spent time in Korea during and after the war. Almost immediately after their marriage they moved to Germany. Shortly after they adopted Gary, they moved to Turkey. Her house, and now ours, is filled with things from their time overseas.