day fifty four

fifty four
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of 2010. I'm taking a photo every day. Some days I rush to get my camera as the sun's last rays leave the house. Some days I take so many. I like this project; it helps me to see more of what's around me.

Thank you for your kind, kind comments. This winter has been hard. I am very ready for spring and renewal. Your kindness makes me feel supported. Thank you.

I've been working like a little bee up in the studio this week- on a commission project for a late spring wedding- the work will be imprinted with this my favorite fern- commonly called a Japanese Climbing Fern. I had to drive around to hunt some down yesterday as mine was cut down by the freezes. I found some that was dried- I can still use it since the leaves aren't all curled. I have a large bag of big ferns in my refrigerator, pressed between paper towels and stored in the crisper drawer, for use, but the bride wanted this lovely tendril-y vining fern.

Today I threw almost twenty pieces and trimmed another 6 in two hours. In the morning I'll trim what I threw today. Most of today's pieces are destined to be berry bowls. I'd hoped to have some ready to list by the first of March, but I'm having a little surgery on Friday (it is very minor, no big health scare, just something that I've needed to take care of for a while and am finally doing) and won't be up to firing for another week or so after that. Maybe after St. Pat's. But I will definitely have berry bowls and the hope pieces by April 1.