There are so many things that I need to do today, but after weeks of cold and dark, and last week's intensity and sorrow with Haiti's earthquake, I needed a break. So I spent most of this glorious, warm day outside in the garden. Clearing out the asparagus bed, mulching, weeding, cutting down a prickly holly or two, pulling oak and privet seedlings. Filling the birdfeeders for the new chickadees, putting out more apples for the mockingbirds, adding a good thick layer of compost to the vegetable garden. Tackling the hateful bermuda grass that has crept into all of my front garden beds, strangling the perennials with their rope-like runners. I still need to pack and ready boxes for shipping tomorrow, but it was so wonderful to be outside. 60 degree days in January is one of my favorite things about living in Memphis.