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um, hello there. let's see. I have been knitting, trying to stay warm (yesterday the temps got back into the 40s! yay!), dealing with a house full of stomach flu, working on business taxes- sales and prep for federal, and personal tax prep. Taking pictures. Helping with some minor and some serious home improvements (a new radiator cover/bench, further weatherizing the house to minimize the -10 winds howling through the shoji-screen like walls of old Southern homes not accustomed to such weather). Thinking about pottery. Thinking about listing some pieces on etsy later this week. Talking with some farmer friends about a new CSA/ co-op opening in Memphis and having some pottery there. Talking to a friend who owns a small business who made an initial order so.much.bigger than I anticipated.

I hope, at some point this week, to go upstairs and get back into the clay. It seems like I have a meeting in the middle of the day every day this week. 7:15 am school plus 11 or 12 meeting then 2 pm pickup, 5:30 pm supper, 7 pm bedtime means studio time has to happen at night. As much as I used to be a productive night owl, I'm not anymore.

How are y'all?