you know, I am going to have an etsy update. And I'm going to donate 60% of all sales (I'm keeping the rest for my IRS obligations) to Doctors without Borders to help out with Haitian Earthquake relief efforts. My church, led by one of our deacons who has been blessed with the gift of hospitality and works tirelessly to feed the hungry, works with the Haiti Partnership, an ecumenical group here in Memphis, to send a group of doctors, pharmacists, and other good-hearted people to Haiti twice a year to work with St. Vincent's Hospital and Orphanage in Port-au-Prince, and St. Paul’s Church (Episcopal)in Montrouis, Haiti. And one of our neighbors was a volunteer with the Peace Corps and married Erenante, a lovely woman from Haiti. Their children and my son are classmates and good friends. We were overjoyed to hear that her immediate family was safe, concerned for her other family in Port-au-Prince. My heart has been heavy for Haiti and her people.

So. I will have mugs, sets of tiny bowls, a cake plate or two, buttons, and egg cups up at my etsy shop. And I'll have them up by Friday. If you want some pottery and you want to alleviate any post-holiday shopping guilt, know it will go for a good cause. I'll update again on Friday with photos of some of the "new" work I've listed and I'll update again with a total of what I'm turning over to Doctors without Borders. I can't do everything, but I can do something.