# five

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from the one-a-day photograph series I'm embarking upon this year. Lots of folks over at flickr have been doing this for several years. I saw my friendJennifer was doing it and decided to copy-cat her.

I thought I'd get back up to the studio this week, but my studio is in the unheated second floor of our house (unheated because there are no radiators up there, and I don't want to turn on our forced-air heat system that blows dust around, makes noise, is expensive, and is inefficient), and when the day's high hovers around 20 (and when I have an ear infection that makes me cranky, to boot), I stay as close to the stove and radiators as I can, knitting (since last week I've finished 2 pair of socks, a hat, am 75% finished with a wrap for me and whipped out a cowl for my boy today, with new yarn for a sweater to come), making soup, baking bread.

Since I'm doing the St. Jude market on Jan. 29, I'll have to get up there and start making again soon, but until the weather is a bit more accommodating, I'm downstairs, following the warmth and light like a cat.

Hope y'all are staying warm.