little red
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I still have not made it upstairs. It is cold, cold outside. We got just the smallest bit of snow, and lows that we never see in Memphis. So the Bridgmans have been cozying up the house- putting benches over our radiators (because that is my favorite place to be), making lots of bread and soup, working on, finishing, and adapting knitting. Winding yarn into balls with my swift (that is endlessly entertaining). Playing with legos and action figures. Beginning to organize our tax documents.

I am thinking about pottery though. And already getting requests for berry bowls. Sunday's high is supposed to be above freezing, so next week I'll go up and throw again.

Can you believe that we took the canoe out on new year's day? Well, I didn't, because I am wimpy about the cold and I didn't want to put little boy in a boat on a 35 degree day. And now it is covered (dusted?) with snow.

Happy weekend and warm wishes.