sneak peek

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I'm a little breathless over here- my kiln is running every two days- load, fire, cool down for 24 hours, load, fire. I'm still making and glazing for December. I think this may be the last load (maybe) for my sale at home on Nov 20 and 21. I did a lot of ferny leafy pieces in this load. And reglazing the reds. Lots of bird egg speckled pieces in here, too.

I'm finishing addressing the postcard invites today and will mail them tomorrow. If you're a facebook friend or on my email list, you'll get your invite that way. I didn't print as many cards this year as in years past.

We had a big birthday yesterday, a birthday party Saturday, then another big birthday next week. And the SALE! A little breathless here.

Hope your Wednesday is sunny and bright!