little pitcher

little pitcher
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another piece from the last kiln load. I love these shapes derived from mom MIL's mid-centry Rosenthal china. And I love the hot pop of color on their insides. I think I'll be making lots more of these, though not in time for my sale at home. I have one more load to bisque and glaze - I hope to be finished with all pottery-making by Wednesday. Lots more leafy pieces- this time in autumnal colors! And a set of spoons (tiny, like salt spoons), too. I am so excited about the spoons.

I love pitchers- they are both useful and lovely. They hold so much, give so much. Empty, refill. Empty, refill. Holding in, sharing. This may be my winter of making pitchers. I used to make them a lot, but I haven't in some years. I have a tiny one that I keep for milk in my coffee that I made a long time ago. I use it almost every day and need to make more of that size. Especially right now, I feel like they parallel our lives- the emptying and receiving that we all experience day to day.

It has been a gorgeous weekend here. I hope yours has been lovely, too. I have a busy week ahead- lots of spiffing up the house, preparing for the sale. We have a birthday this week too- my little one will be 6, which seems unreal. We celebrated with his friends yesterday at a campground- simple, fun, easy.

Have a good week, friends!